$295.00 / 30 days

Welcome to the Awakened Artist Academy – your sanctuary for advanced artists who’ve already tasted success and are now seeking to elevate their artistry to unparalleled heights.

Our community subscription is your unwavering ally on this profound journey of artistic growth and financial achievement. Designed with your advanced needs in mind, we recognize that even accomplished artists can benefit from continuous improvement and innovation.

With this subscription, you’ll access an array of cutting-edge resources tailored to enhance your artistic message, optimize your targeting strategies, and supercharge your monetization efforts. It’s a recurring subscription, always at your disposal, empowering you to ascend to new peaks in your art business while maintaining the freedom to progress at your own pace.

The Awakened Artist Academy is your steadfast companion, helping you harness your creative potential and ensuring you monetize your art with finesse while remaining firmly rooted in your artistic vision. We’ll stand by your side throughout this extraordinary journey of artistic and financial expansion. Join us today, and together, we’ll raise your artistry and revenue to unprecedented levels!


As Advanced Artists, you will have 2 Sessions a month.


The Awakened Artist Academy is where artists thrive! This subscription is your ticket to a vibrant community, offering unlimited support for your artistic journey. It's a recurring subscription, always there until you're ready for the next chapter. Join us today and let's elevate your art and life together!

  • Artistic Mastery: Continue to refine your art and push your creative boundaries to achieve mastery in your chosen medium.
  • Strategic Optimization: Identify and rectify any loopholes or inefficiencies in your art business to maximize profitability and growth.
  • Personal Life Balance: Learn how to strike the perfect balance between your art business and personal life to maintain your well-being.
  • Accountability Framework: Establish a robust accountability system that keeps you on track with your artistic and business goals.
  • Revenue Expansion: Explore advanced monetization strategies, such as collaborations, investments, and high-value commissions.
  • Legacy Building: Consider how your art will be remembered and its impact on future generations.
  • International Reach: Expand your artistic reach globally, tapping into international markets and opportunities.
  • Artistic Evolution: Continuously evolve your style and message to stay relevant in a changing art world.
  • Innovation Integration: Embrace emerging technologies and innovative practices in your art and business.
  • Mentorship and Networking: Connect with influential mentors and artists, forming valuable connections within the art community.
  • Art and Philanthropy: Explore ways to use your art for positive change and philanthropic endeavors.
  • Retirement and Wealth Management: Plan for your financial future and explore options for your artistic legacy.
  • Sustainability and Eco-conscious Art: Consider eco-friendly practices in your art and business operations.
  • Stress and Time Management: Implement stress-reduction techniques and time-management strategies to maintain your well-being.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Seek collaborations and partnerships that can expand your art business.
  • Creative Investment: Explore opportunities to invest in your artistic journey, such as studio upgrades or art education.


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