Artist Messaging Crafting Session

Reveal the current most important message your Art has in store for you to reveal the art of you! 

(make sure to bring colours and paper as we will do a deep dive into your inner world of images)

  1. Discover what your message is that you are giving through your art, you may be surprised at the detail of your Art’s Messaging
  2. Uncover  who your buyers are and why they NEED your art. Also uncover any challenges you may have been having in relation to your Art Message and communicating it confidently
  3. Identify the inner obstacle about your messaging & transform it there and then  and come out with a strong message that your Buyers will be able to identify with
  4. Gain  confidence in your Artistic Pursuit and who you are as an artist and what you are doing. Gain greater awareness about your art, your individuality.
  5. Create a plan through this new found clarity for the necessary steps to take on this new foundation of your message, to be the artist you were born to be, full of opportunity, prosperity and fulfilment.
  6. You’ll have the time to  finally focus on your Art, being fully listened to and being given the space you need to process your messaging, which sometimes gets difficult to do when swept away in day-to-day life.

Whether we go on to work together or not, you’ll come away with a much deeper understanding of your Artist Messaging, which you can then use confidently in your Handle and when talking to people or being asked by people what you do.

No more umms and ahhs, and trying to explain what you do, but are losing the words to.


And just so you know, this is a no-judgement AND confidential call.

Please note I only offer a few sessions every month, so, if you want one now, please book in using the calendar on the right.

If you can’t find a time that works for you on my calendar, please email me on and I will help you further.

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