Unleash your Business and Artistic Potential

1-1 8 Weeks Coaching Programme

Welcome to METAMORPHOSIS, a transformative 1-1 coaching program designed to empower businesses and artists alike.

At its core, METAMORPHOSIS draws inspiration from the profound concept of metamorphosis found in nature, symbolizing the essential transformation required on a meta level before it can manifest in the tangible world. 



Just as a caterpillar undergoes a profound inner metamorphosis within its cocoon before emerging as a magnificent butterfly, your business and artistry need to undergo a deep inner transformation before they can flourish in the external world.

This program embodies this concept, guiding you through a journey of self-discovery and empowerment that transcends mere business strategies and artistic techniques.


Incorporating the most updated Business Consultation from Mindvalley’s Business Coaching, METAMORPHOSIS equips you with cutting-edge strategies and insights to elevate your business to new heights.

You’ll learn to harness the power of

  • innovation,
  • adaptability, and
  • conscious entrepreneurship,

paving the way for unprecedented & accelerated growth and success.


For artists seeking to monetize their craft, METAMORPHOSIS is your creative crucible.

Our transformative coaching draws from the world of Art Alchemy, helping you transmute your passion and creativity into sustainable income.

We understand that being an artist means more than just making art; it’s about turning your unique vision into a viable livelihood.


METAMORPHOSIS doesn’t merely focus on the surface-level changes but delves deep into the core of your beliefs, mindset, and artistic essence.

Our blend of artists’ transformational coaching goes beyond traditional techniques, guiding you to unlock your full creative potential, break through creative blocks, and discover your authentic artistic voice.


Join us on this extraordinary journey, where business and art converge in a powerful fusion of transformation.

METAMORPHOSIS is not just a program; it’s an opportunity to break free from limitations, to evolve, and to soar to new heights, both in your business and your artistic endeavors.

Embrace your metamorphosis and let your inner transformation shape your external reality.

  • 3x Private Coaching Sessions with Maria per month
  • Modules unlocked, 1 Module a Week
  • Weekly Q&A Sessions in FB Group to help you with your Module Learnings
  • 1-1 Whatsapp or Telegram Group for Support

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